Today is:

Fund Raising

Whenever someone discovers we are American Veterans, they thank us for our service to country and would like to help the Veteran’s in some way. Here is your chance to help.

The Edinboro American Legion Post 439 is building a small Club and Restaurant on Rt. 99, just north of the Boro line. This club will help financially support the Edinboro Legion Community Pool. The American Legion is all about making life better for our support area children and providing a safe place at our Community Pool run by Legion Members and volunteers is just one good example. This club will provide a safe haven for our older Vets and newly returning ones.

Here are the ways you can help:

  1. You can help by becoming a regular member of the Legion for $30 (if you served during a War or are a son or daughter of a War Veteran) or you can become a social member for $30 a year. Click here for the form
  2. You may “buy a brick” and have your name, or loved ones, engraved on the brick for $65. Click here for the form
  3. You could purchase a “tax deductible” piece of equipment for the kitchen, a table and chairs or computer equipment and have your name engraved on it and on the DONATION OF EQUIPMENT PLAQUE in the main room. Please see the list below for a list of equipment and their prices. Click here for the list
  4. You could purchase the naming rights for the Bar area, the restaurant area or the whole club, Honoring a Veteran by name. Click here for the form
  5. If nothing here fits your wish list you can simply make a “tax deductible” donation to our building fund and have your name included on our DONATION OF CASH PLAQUE. Click here for the form

Edinboro American Legion is a Non-Profit 501 C-19 Corporation